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Hollywood stories: JESUS II.


In form of an exciting criminal story the history of a love, a life and a screenplay is narrated on 2.100 pages with more than 200 pictures mostly in colour.

The book has DIN A4 size (21 x 29 cm), and explains how it is possible to write a screenplay, which could be sold, of course in Hollywood, in the heart of the US-film industry.

How the story of a life, which is based on car business and Formula 1, will become to the key factor for the car  of the future, environmental protecting technologies, live saving medicines and unknown experiences about the world of the computer.

This is a chronological school book how to learn to bring your personal professional and spare time abilities into the - well paid - services of the TV- and/or film industry if you have to tell something interesting or even new in a written style.

Hundreds of TV-stations or print media need every second new ideas and good material from which is made the reality of tomorrow.

Well, then, make the free of charge DOWNLOAD of the first 145 pages of the book

Hollywood stories: JESUS II.

If you like these 145 pages and want to make the DOWNLOAD of the whole book (the total quantity is over 2.100 pages), please pay the required price of 2000,- EURO (English version) and you will receive your download-link by e-mail.

This book called Hollywood stories: JESUS II. now, that you can read it today, think about it tomorrow and that you are starting to write your own screenplay the days after!!! A successful Hollywood screenplay might be worth millions of US-Dollars, maybe you will succeed in writing and selling your own script. Make the best of your talents and your life.

If you like to buy the printed book, which has been presented to public at 15th May 2009 exclusively at the Galerie Udo Schmidt and is sold there in a limited, censored and signed edition of 1.000 issues, price on request, please contact:

Much pleasure and success to you
and all your own projects!

M.A.N.I. Verlag 07-DEC-2016

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  English edition – Paid DOWNLOAD from Internet: recommended to print on recycling
  paper or save on USB-stick.
  German edition – Paid DOWNLOAD from Internet: recommended to print on recycling
  paper, USB-stick. Art print: limited edition (1.000 books).
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